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Portland Digital Consulting

Searching for digital consulting firms in your area? Consider your search done. Connecting Your Customers is the totally inclusive digital marketing consultant you’ve been looking for. 

We’re the technology consultant that does it all— analysts consulting, IT consulting, marketing consulting, and more. Let our qualified and experienced technology consultant team work with you to create a fully optimized digital plan, including SEO and content writing, lead generating, web and e-commerce marketing strategies, an improved customer experience, and an increased share of the market.

Our strategies are individualized to revolutionize your digital presence at a price point that fits tour budget.

Your #1 Portland Digital Agency Consultant

CYC’s transformative and empowering services offer a total package that other tech consulting firms simply can’t match. Our plans are tailored to you and your business’ needs, and our customized marketing and digital strategies required no bids before contracted service, so you can always count on fair and transparent pricing.

Our digital consulting agency is composed of dynamic and dedicated team members who are ready to help your business grow. As we help your business expand to a new range of products and services, new locations, and new consumers and markets, our strategies will grow alongside you and adapt to continuously reinvigorate your marketing. 


Our digital consulting process will help you grow the most important part of your business— your customers. Our analyses will help us establish and understand your customer base, and we’ll customize our digital transformation consulting services to better reach and engage with them. We’ll make your brand more visible online, appeal to your specific consumer audiences, and transform that new level of visibility into real results for your business. Our strategic plans, built around your customers, will improve your brand awareness and engagement, helping your business flourish. As we work to engage your customers, we’ll also engage current market and industry trends to keep you on top.

Ready to see why Connecting Your Customers is a cut above the other digital transformation consultancies? Get a first consultation with us, completely free of charge, by calling 503-737-7491 or emailing info@connectingyourcustomers.com.

CYC: A Digital Consulting Agency To Help You Get Ahead

To beat your competition, you have to know your competition— and Connecting Your Customers can help you get all of the competitive knowledge needed for your marketing to succeed. Through research and critical analysis, our team of marketing strategists will find key insights about other companies to expand your understanding of them and learn how to surpass them. This new knowledge will help us discern which strategies will be most effective for your business so that you can outshine the competition, stay at the front of your industry, and spend your business’ well-earned money on only ideas that will benefit you.

Give your company the advantage by clicking here to schedule a complimentary consultation with Connecting Your Customers.

Our Paid Media Consultant Team

Connecting Your Customers’ team is a group of talented, diverse, and adept individuals who have the marketing know-how you need to succeed. We’re locally based in the US, but we can help you reach a global population. Our digital consultants, marketing experts, web designers, content writers never outsource jobs, so you can rely on us to get the job done right the first time with a friendly and fantastic service experience.

Portland Branding & PR

Branding is everything. Your company’s personal branding says so much about who you are, what you stand for, and what your products can do. Mastering the art of brand marketing isn’t easy when you have so much to think about:

  • brand building
  • brand identity
  • brand strategy
  • brand equity
  • brand management
  • brand positioning

Whether you’re a local company looking for a complete rebrand or a larger luxury brand simply looking for a branding design refresh, Connecting Your Customers has you covered.

CYC: The Branding Agency Built For You

CYC is the creative agency and brand marketing team that will boost your brand name and increase your online presence. We’re professionals, and our experience promoting a variety of brands— from small businesses to cog companies— guarantees that your business will flourish with us. We’ll work with you to understand and utilize your unique voice and point of view to help you create a brand image that you and your audiences will love.

We know that your branding and rebranding campaigns are an opportunity for a fresh start, and we want to help you stride in a new, more positive direction. Our capable marketing, design, and content experts will use positioning and equity techniques to help your brand design shine and boost your brand awareness. We’ll help you form an identity that connects to your core clientele bases on a personal level, whether they represent smaller, local audiences or larger internal markets.

Ready to learn how a new branding campaign can make your brand’s vision a reality? Schedule an initial consultation with us, completely free of charge, by calling 503-737-7491 or emailing info@connectingyourcustomers.com.

Branding Success for your Portland Business

When brand-growing strategies flop, it’s often because businesses fail to identify and address their ideal consumer base. But at Connecting Your Customers, this is our specialty. Where other amateur organizations might waste your time and money, CYC will help you avoid these common mishaps. We’ll work with you to ensure that your branding design choices are loved not only by you, but by your target audiences, and we’ll help you identify and better understand your ideal consumers so that you can create brand awareness and identity with them in mind.

When you’re tailoring content to a specific audience, every choice matters. Fonts, design style for your website, and even color schemes can affect your brand’s appearance and image. Let our friends and skilled branding team make sure that your voice and vision are seen and heard the way you intended.

Ready to refresh and invigorate your business? We’re ready to help. Get started with a free first consultation with CYC by clicking here.

Our Comprehensive Portland Branding Services

In a brand marketing strategy, cohesion is everything. That’s why you need a company that can do it all. Our comprehensive and expansive services will make sure that you’re putting a strong message out into the world. Connecting Your Customers can handle all your branding needs, including:
  • choosing and navigating a website platform
  • building you an engaging and user experience-based new website
  • making a landing page that really sticks the landing
  • creating logos customized to your vision
  • researching and using SEO keywords to increase your website’s traffic
  • constantly updating and refreshing your campaigns
  • growing your marketing profile with PPC advertising plans
  • increasing consumer recognition and bringing value to your brand
  • boosting your social media presence 
  • sharing insight about your competitors to help you gain the advantage 
Your brand matters. Let us help the world see it. Click here to schedule your free consultation with CYC today.

Portland Web Design, Development, & E-commerce

Sure— you could spend hours searching online for “website designer near me”, “web designers near me”, “web design near me”, “website design near me”, or “website builders near me”. But why waste your time and efforts when you’ve already found Connecting Your Customers, the perfect internet design team for your business?

Connecting Your Customers is the Portland web design company here to help you with all your web design needs. Our umbrella services can do it all— from branding and marketing to creating that new website design you’ve always dreamt about.

We can do it all because we have it all. Our website development team features website creators, web developers, marketing specialists, and content writers that can help elevate your online platform.

Read below to see why we’re the best web design company for the job— or talk to us directly by calling 503-737-7491 or emailing at info@connectingyourcustomers.com.

Portland’s Premier Website Company

Our team of gifted and capable website creators are standing by, ready to hear all of the hopes and dreams you have for your business’ website. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, contemporary law firm web design, a bright and fun website for your farm stand, or even an expansive and vibrant website for your international organization, CYC can do it all. Our web design agency will help you create a site that feels like home for you and your customers.

Even if you’ve never had a website before, CYC is prepared to help you. Our team doesn’t just consist of website developers— we also have a world-class staff of talented designers and writers who can create a new site for you from the ground up. We’ll help you bring your truest and most authentic voices to your audience, and we’ll create individualized content that helps you connect directly with them.

Looking to see positive growth in your business’ online presence? Don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a free, complimentary consultation with us by clicking here.

Connecting Your Portland Business With The World

Our name is “Connecting Your Customers” for a reason. One of our greatest assets at CYC is our ability to understand your target audiences and help you reach them. With marketing and targeted SEO campaigns, your CYC Google web designer team will help your site not only look and operate better but reach more eyes, too. Whether the clientele base you aspire to is local, national, or even global, we’ll help you locate them, sympathize with them, and use your brand to connect to them.

It’s time for your business to steal the show. If you’re ready to receive more attention and emerge as a competitive force on search results, call CYC at 503-737-7491 or email us at info@connectingyourcustomers.com for a free first consultation.

CYC: Impactful Ecommerce Site Development

CYC is the e-commerce website development company you need to create a stunning and impactful website for your organization. We work hard to earn new audiences for you, and we provide digital efficiency to help you stay linked to them. 

Our specialization in WordPress website design means you don’t have to sacrifice your preferred website platform. Instead, we’ll create a responsive and engaging website that fits your comfort levels. DIY sites can be downright impossible to create. Let us do the hard work so that you can focus on what you’re here for— your business.

Spend more time engaging the consumers and less time worrying about website development issues with the supportive and friendly web agency at Connecting Your Customers.

Portland SEO/Maintenance

Have you been searching for an “SEO company near me” or the “best SEO companies for small business”? We know— in fact, our SEO research and writing are the reasons you’ve found this page!

Connecting Your Customers is the SEO company that knows how to raise your website rank and get your business the attention it deserves. Our experienced marketing and SEO consultant team can help your business get real results and stand out online.

The Best SEO Company For Your Portland Business

SEO, shorthand for Search Engine Optimization, can be difficult to understand. Tracking your Google keyword rank, understanding and utilizing backlinks, and performing SEO optimization can feel daunting in the face of an endless supply of online competition. Sadly, many businesses never learn the importance of SEO services or how SEO marketing and SEO writing can improve their overall performance.

Connecting Your Customers know that SEO management can change your business forever, so we provide professional, high-end local SEO services to aid your growing business. We use the latest and greatest digital approaches to improve your online presence. When you work with CYC, you’ll be assigned a comprehensive team of skilled individuals, including an SEO analyzer, an SEO specialist, and a SEO expert writer, to make your business shine online. Your local SEO team will help you compete in an ever-expanding online marketplace, and we’ll help you strike both local and international markets to develop your clientele base and get you the growth you’ve been looking for.

To learn how you could grow from an SEO consultant, and to see why we’re the best in the business, schedule a free first consultation with Connecting Your Customers by calling 503-737-7491 or emailing info@connectingyourcustomers.com.

Comprehensive Professional SEO Services in Portland

Our large and small business SEO services are comprehensive, meaning we’ll stick with you through every step of the process.

First, we’ll  analyze and audit your current SEO situation to understand where your company is starting from and how we can improve your SEO performance from there. Then, we’ll begin to dig in and do the hard work with our specialized and individualized SEO research process. We’ll learn what SEO keywords will best engage your audiences, and we’ll also review your competitors and industry to better create an SEO campaign that will put you ahead of the game. Then, our SEO content writing experts will help you create authentic, genuine-sounding content by combining your brand’s voice with those powerful and research-backed SEO terms.
We won’t stop there though. Connecting Your Customers’ SEO packages will continue to grow your SEO alongside your business. By request, we will add a tracking component to your website to collect data and create a monthly report of your SEO services. These reports give accurate and real-time insights about your online performance. Together, we’ll review these reports to continue our understanding of your ideal customers, your business’ growth patterns, and the most profitable pathways for your future. 

We’ll also continue to research your markets and industries so that we can evolve and improve upon existing SEO strategies.

At CYC, we’re not “one-and-done”— we’re all in one!

See how we’re the SEO business you need by clicking here for a complimentary first appointment with our consulting team.

Portland Paid Search/ Social Media

PPC, or “pay-per-click,” marketing can help your business improve your online presence— and Connecting Your Customers is a local alternative to PPCChamp that can help you achieve real results with a PPC campaign.

The Google ads specialists in our PPC consultant team are ready to help your business get noticed in a growing marketplace. Our PPC campaign management services will guide your journey to grow your digital presence, gain new audiences, and produce greater consumer engagement and sale totals.

The Importance of a PPC Management Firm

You may be worried about what might happen if you attempt PPC services without first contacting a Google ad consultant or a Google AdWords marketing agency. That’s because PPC work shouldn’t be handled by anything less than the most capable and qualified team. Making mistakes in your PPC campaign can only lead to a loss of time and money, not to mention a great deal of frustration for you and your teammates. Without utilizing proper Google AdWords services, many businesses often take shortcuts and use only the most basic keywords and advertising techniques.

In something so important to your business, you can’t rely on simple, static, or ineffective fixes for a complicated problem— so choose our professional Google ads agency to help you long-term. 

CYC won’t try for quick fixes or shortcuts. Instead, our PPC specialist team will work hard and dive deep to discern which marketing and PPC decisions will be most efficient and cost-beneficial over time.

Our esteemed PPC agency is experienced and ready to tackle all of your advertising needs. Our broad range of advertising knowledge, combined with our professional set of PPC tools and capabilities, is ready to work for your business. Using tried and true research techniques, we’ll assess and reassess marketing, PPC, and SEO trends so that you don’t have to.

Ready to see what a PPC company can do for your business? Then contact Connecting Your Customers for a complimentary consultation by calling 503-737-7491 or emailing info@connectingyourcustomers.com.


Connecting Your Customers knows how much effort a PPC campaign really takes. Creating a simple campaign of limited advertisements won’t help your company uptrend, and it won’t bring you the growth you’re looking for. Real PPC work takes time, effort, and dedication to create a dynamic campaign that grows alongside your business. While you’re creating new products, developing new services, and reaching greater heights, let us work in the background to calibrate, recalibrate, and constantly adjust your PPC campaign to keep you in your consumers’ minds. 

Our PPC experts have industry know-how and can give your business important information about your online presence, your website’s key metrics and target audiences, and how your brand’s profile appears to the typical user. Knowing these insights is crucial to creating plans that help you reach for a brighter, more engaged future with a broader customer base.

Using PPC to blueprint your future can be a daunting task to handle by yourself. But you’re not alone— you have us! Get to know CYC, and see how we’ll provide you with support every step of the way, by clicking here and scheduling an initial consultation with us, completely free of charge.


888-860-0986 | Info@ConnectingYourCustomers.com


Throughout the years Connecting Your Customers has helped our for-profit and nonprofit clients achieve their goals by expanding their online reach and growing their customer base. We’re proud of the work we’ve done and the growth we’ve helped our clients to achieve!


CYC has helped our clients generate over $23,000,000.00 in additional revenue… and that number is still growing! Contact us to find out how we can help your business expand its customer base and increase your annual revenue.


Connecting Your Customers is dedicated to giving back to the world around us. Since our founding in 2015 we have donated over $300,000.00 of pro bono billable hours to non-profits and organizations serving the community.


Connecting Your Customers currently serves over 35 different industries in the United States and Europe. To see if we can help your business exceed your goals, reach out to us for a free consultation.


Throughout the years Connecting Your Customers has helped our for-profit and nonprofit clients achieve their goals by expanding their online reach and growing their customer base. We’re proud of the work we’ve done and the growth we’ve helped our clients to achieve!


CYC has helped our clients generate over $23,000,000.00 in additional revenue… and that number is still growing! Contact us to find out how we can help your business expand its customer base and increase your annual revenue.


Connecting Your Customers is dedicated to giving back to the world around us. Since our founding in 2015 we have donated over $300,000.00 of pro bono billable hours to non-profits and organizations serving the community.


Connecting Your Customers currently serves over 35 different industries in the United States and Europe. To see if we can help your business exceed your goals, reach out to us for a free consultation.

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